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Smokin` Lift & Carry Amazon Bitches
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0029"
"Taylor is hanging out at her house and chatting with her friend Kimberly on the phone and smoking a small black cigar and shoulder riding a small man about the room. Kimberly drops by and takes her turn smoking and carrying."
" Taylor Amazon DisplayofStrength Kimberly Powerful Carrying TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons NaturalBreasts BigBreasts ShoulderRiding Lifting AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor ab029"

Kimberly`s Cradle Carry Debut
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0031"
"Kimberly shows off her lifting and carrying ability by cradle carrying and then piggybacking a guy straight through this 3m 40s clip."
" Kimberly Cradled Powerful PowerfulWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry Piggyback LiftAndCarry Lifting Carrying DisplayofStrength ab031"
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In Flight
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0032"
"All leg lifting with a slave. Kimberly is extremely strong and kept him in the air for almost the entire clip."
" Kimberly LegLifting/Pressing DisplayOfStrength PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Lifting Powerful ab032"
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Amazon Strength Superiority
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0033"
"Kimberly can`t get the little man to admit women are stronger than men so she beats him at arm wrestling and lifts him up and carries him around the room and and finally tickles him to get him to admit it."
" Kimberly LiftingHumiliation FrontPiggyBack Powerful DisplayofStrength Amazon StrongWomen LiftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation PowerfulWomen Piggyback ArmWrestling Lifting Carrying Competition StrengthComparison ab033"

Tiny Blind Date Liar Gets Lifted and Humiliated by Amazons
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0048"
"Tommy shows up as an internet blind date. Taylor answers the door and it starts. `Your profile said 5`9`!` Taylor`s not happy that he lied. So she calls her friend Kim and who is supposed to go on the date. They lift and spank and mock him for being tiny."
" Taylor AmazonTaylor BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen StrongWomen TallWomen Kimberly Lapsitting ForcedCarry Smothering Piggyback Humiliation LiftandCarry Intimidation NaturalBreasts BigBreasts SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeComparison ab048"
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Over The Shoulder Stroll
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0049"
"Kimberly tosses a guy over her shoulder and does a few laps around the yard without breaking a sweat. She is pretty damn strong."
" Kimberly Carrying DisplayofStrength Powerful PowerfulWomen StrongWomen OverTheShoulder Lifting ab049"
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Lifting the Bitchboy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0050"
"Kimberly and Laura carry and throw the little man around and laugh at his size."
" Kimberly LiftingHumiliation Laura DisplayofStrength SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation OverTheShoulder Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Humiliation PiggyBack PowerfulWomen Powerful StrongWomen SizeComparison CradleCarry ab050"

Man Lifting Contest
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0051"
"After the tiny man lied in an ad and said he was 6 foot tall and Kimberly and Laura decide to have a man-lifting contest and show him how tiny he really is."
" Humiliation LiftingHumiliation ForcedCarry DisplayofStrength Cradled Powerful Laura Kimberly Lifting Carrying StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Competition Piggyback OverTheShoulder CradleCarry SizeComparison ab051"
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Flying Bitchboy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0052"
"Two strong females lift slave with pure leg stregnth."
" Laura Kimberly DisplayofStrength Powerful StrengthComparison LegLifting/Pressing PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Lifting NaturalBreasts ArmWrestling ab052"
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Where the FUCK Is the Elevator
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0290"
"Kimberly is stuck in an elevator and is enraged. Her anger causes her to bust and grow through all her clothing."
" SheHulk Kimberly KimberlyMarvel ClothesDestruction FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab290"

Office Terror Hulk Out
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0346"
"Kimberly confronts Zoe about seeing her boyfriend behind her back. Zoe starts getting angry and begins transforming into a she-hulk. Ripping thru her clothes and destroying her office."
" Transformation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength TransformationFantasy Growth ClothesDestruction SheHulk Zoe ZoeAnderson Kimberly KimberlyMarvel ab346"