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A Lift and Carry Dream
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0177"
"Sonny wakes up to find his dream girl bursting muscles out of her clothes at the end of the bed. She carries him around in a variety of positions lots of flexing and muscle worship. She captures him in leg scissors and strokes his cock."
" Firemans Rapture DisplayofStrength FitWomen PowerfulWomen StrongWomen LapSitting Handjob PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled LegScissors Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ab177"

Pure Clothing Destruction with a Muscular Goddess
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0180"
"Rapture is not only beautiful but her body is perfection. Watch her destroy 5 outfits with great ease. She blasts the back out of a beautiful designer suit and blasts about 20 buttons off with great ease. She destroys a couple dresses as well."
" Amazon Rapture PowerfulWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength ClothesDestruction ab180"

Transformed into a Giantess Hulk
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0401"
"A growing hulk out. Amazing Goddess!!!"
" Amazon SheHulk TallWomen MuscularWomen Transformation StrongWomen DisplayofStrength FitWomen PowerfulWomen Giantess Growth ClothesDestruction Rapture RaptureQueen FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG ab401"

Angry Girlfriend Poofs to Strong Muscular Goddess
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0402"
"Angry girlfriend turn into muscular hulk in a flash. Her boyfriend who canceled a date with her shows up and she forces him to worship her new AMAZING muscular body and carries him around."
" SheHulk DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen SideStraddle TallWomen LiftandCarry Lifting Carrying ClothesDestruction Firemans CradleCarry PiggyBack Rapture RaptureQueen FitWomen StrongWomen MuscularWomen Amazon Transformation ab402"