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Catalog Number"vdo-89-0002"
"Unbelievably sexy Taylor finds herself navel to face with her nemesis. She slaps him down to the ground with that bear paw of a hand and then lifts him back up by his belt! She smothers him with just one breast and it almost covers his entire head! GREAT!"
" Amazon StrongWomen Taylor MistressTaylor TallWomen DisplayOfStrength Smothering LiftingHumiliation BeatDown SizeComparison Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts LiftingHumiliation Wrestling Lifting Carrying ab002"

AMAZON TAYLOR and the Job Applicant
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0003"
"Taylor has a security gaurd job open in her company and she takes the first applicant through a humilating show of physical superiority! GREAT SEXY CLIP JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTO GALLERY!"
" Amazon Lifting Carrying Taylor MistressTaylor DisplayOfStrength SizeComparison StrengthComparison LiftingHumiliation NaturalBreasts Intimidation SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation PowerfulWomen TallWomen AmazonTaylor BigBreasts LiftandCarry ab003"

Peeping Tom Lift & Carry Pool Party
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0007"
"Kayla and Taylor are getting some sun when they spot a peeping tom checking out Kayla`s long slender legs and Taylor`s all natural spectacular breasts. What follows is a sexy classic Lift and Carry and size comparison and amazon and smothering clip!"
" PiggyBack KaylaQuinn Kayla KaylaKam SmallGuyHumiliation BustyAmazons FitWomen Taylor MistressTaylor PowerfulWomen TallWomen Humiliation LiftandCarry SizeComparison Smothering NaturalBreasts FrontPiggyBack BigBreasts Intimidation CradleCarry ab007"

Catalog Number"vdo-89-0013"
"AMAZON Taylor and Sienna humiliate and terrorize Dow with a variety of size comparisons especially height and the fact that Sienna`s Ass and Taylor Giant breasts reduce him visually to a tiny toy!"
" Olivia Smothering MistressSienna Sienna AmazonTaylor BustyAmazons TallWomen MistressTaylor OliviaSaint SizeComparison Taylor SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts Humiliation Amazon ab013"

Amazon Taylor IS GOD Again
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0025"
"In the third installment of the IS GOD series Amazon Taylor gets a visit from an angry neighbor who has had his little car blocked in his driveway by her big truck. Of course she finds it and him hilarious."
" Amazon MistressTaylor Taylor AmazonTaylor BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen Powerful TallWomen Humiliation Intimidation NaturalBreasts BigBreasts SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeComparison ab025"

Lifting As Punishment
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0027"
"Taylor catches her roomate looking at her ass as she is bent over watering plants so she enacts an aerial revenge. After those first few second the rest of the clip is all one lift."
" Taylor OverTheShoulder SmallGuyHumiliation LiftingHumiliation DisplayofStrength Intimidation Powerful AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor PowerfulWomen TallWomen BustyAmazons LiftandCarry Humiliation Amazon ab027"

Amazon `Neesha` Taylor
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0030"
"In this 2 and a half minute clip done by request Amazon Taylor breast smothers a small man and then picks him up and jacks him against the wall for a thigh riding session."
" Taylor Amazon AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor Smothering ThighRiding BigBreasts BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation NaturalBreasts Powerful DisplayofStrength ab030"
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Amazon Strength Superiority
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0033"
"Kimberly can`t get the little man to admit women are stronger than men so she beats him at arm wrestling and lifts him up and carries him around the room and and finally tickles him to get him to admit it."
" Kimberly LiftingHumiliation FrontPiggyBack Powerful DisplayofStrength Amazon StrongWomen LiftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation PowerfulWomen Piggyback ArmWrestling Lifting Carrying Competition StrengthComparison ab033"

Catalog Number"vdo-89-0035"
"Amazon Mom has a date and she is planning on bringing her daughter Maya but when her date sees how she is dressed he says `No Way!`. Maya overpowers him under the stairs as she wrenches his mouth open and says `Go ahead spit in it Mom!`"
" Amazon MistressTaylor Powerful SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Taylor MayaHills Maya Humiliation Spitting DisplayOfStrength NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Intimidation FitWomen TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen AmazonMom AmazonTaylor ab035"

A Date with Amazon Mom Pt 3: Tease/Denial Humiliation/Blackmail
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0036"
"Taylor and Maya continue the cocktease and Maya happens upon his cell phone and uses it to take a couple candid shots of ass sniffing and handjob action and a few cross dressing shots. She then finds his wife`s cell number and sends her the HOT photos."
" Amazon MistressTaylor Powerful SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Taylor MayaHills Maya Humiliation Spitting DisplayOfStrength NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Intimidation FitWomen TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen AmazonMom AmazonTaylor Handjob ab036"

Amazon Intimidation
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0037"
"Amazon Taylor scoffs at the little man at first but then gets mean and tosses the meaningless tiny fellow about like a ragdoll. EXTREMELY HOT AMAZON TAYLOR HUMILIATION/SIZE COMPARISON CLIP!"
" Taylor AmazonTaylor Smothering TallWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation Beatdown NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Intimidation Humiliation Powerful StrongWomen MistressTaylor Amazon ab037"

Amazon Taylor IS GOD pt1
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0039"
"When Amazon Taylor gets a visit from a neighbor who is also a preacher at the local church it isn`t very long before he `sees the light`. As he weakly mutters `Oh God You Are Big` Taylor lets him feel how powerful and dominant SHE can be!"
" Taylor MistressTaylor Amazon Powerful AmazonTaylor Smothering BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen Humiliation SizeComparison BigBreasts NaturalBreasts SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation SizeHumiliation ab039"

Amazon Taylor IS GOD pt2
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0040"
"In part 2 the preacher learns how to worship and gets to practice on Amazon ass and tits."
" Taylor MistressTaylor Amazon Powerful AmazonTaylor Smothering BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen Humiliation SizeComparison BigBreasts NaturalBreasts SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation SizeHumiliation ab040"

The School Girl Hooligans in Cradle Carry that Little Schmuck
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0041"
"Kayla and Taylor return to their friends house while on vacation. They spot the pool man they huddle up and make a plan of attack. Both Taylor and Kayla cradle carry the schmuck."
" Amazon Lifting Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Taylor KaylaQuinn Kayla FitWomen TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons KaylaKam Intimidation LiftingHumiliation Cradled NaturalBreasts BigBreasts SizeComparison CradleCarry LiftandCarry ab041"
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The Ballad Of Little Boss Man
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0043"
"Taylor and Sienna are tired of their boss hassling them and being a prick so after he returns from another extended lunch hour they harass him in turn. Taylor lifts him up in a cradle like he`s a baby while Sienna throws hims over her back."
" Sienna Taylor MistressSienna Olivia OliviaSaint BustyAmazons TallWomen PowerfulWomen Lapsitting Smothering SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts CradleCarry OverTheShoulder LiftandCarry Humiliation ab043"
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Tiny Blind Date Liar Gets Lifted and Humiliated by Amazons
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0048"
"Tommy shows up as an internet blind date. Taylor answers the door and it starts. `Your profile said 5`9`!` Taylor`s not happy that he lied. So she calls her friend Kim and who is supposed to go on the date. They lift and spank and mock him for being tiny."
" Taylor AmazonTaylor BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen StrongWomen TallWomen Kimberly Lapsitting ForcedCarry Smothering Piggyback Humiliation LiftandCarry Intimidation NaturalBreasts BigBreasts SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeComparison ab048"
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Lifting the Bitchboy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0050"
"Kimberly and Laura carry and throw the little man around and laugh at his size."
" Kimberly LiftingHumiliation Laura DisplayofStrength SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation OverTheShoulder Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Humiliation PiggyBack PowerfulWomen Powerful StrongWomen SizeComparison CradleCarry ab050"

Man Lifting Contest
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0051"
"After the tiny man lied in an ad and said he was 6 foot tall and Kimberly and Laura decide to have a man-lifting contest and show him how tiny he really is."
" Humiliation LiftingHumiliation ForcedCarry DisplayofStrength Cradled Powerful Laura Kimberly Lifting Carrying StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Competition Piggyback OverTheShoulder CradleCarry SizeComparison ab051"
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Catalog Number"vdo-89-0057"
"Amazon Taylor is joined by equally tall AND equally busty Carrie Moon as they get a huge laugh when they see the self proclaimed 6 foot tall blind date! Great size comparison & humiliation! STAY TUNED FOR MORE! CLIP Time 4:32"
" Smothering Taylor TallWomen BustyAmazons Carrie CarrieMoon SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts Humiliation AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor ab057"
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Catalog Number"vdo-89-0058"
"The little man is made to pray at their feet under the 4 massive all natural Amazon breasts while belittled and smothered and slapped across the face with them. Clip Time 3.17"
" Taylor TallWomen BustyAmazons Carrie CarrieMoon SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts Smothering Humiliation MistressTaylor AmazonTaylor ab058"
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Busty Amazons Carry
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0059"
"Carrie and Taylor teach their obnoxious new neighbor a lesson about womens strength. They then smother him with their huge natural breasts until he admits they are strong."
" Taylor TallWomen LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons Carrie CarrieMoon SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts Smothering ShoulderRiding Humiliation StrongWomen AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor ab059"

Meet the Busty Amazon Family
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0060"
"Carrie was on the way out for date and but Mama must meet her new man. She sits the little guy down on her lap bouncing him on her knee. Mom decides it best to `share this little man` with her oldest daughter."
" MistressTaylor AmazonMom Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Amazon Handjob Taylor Carrie Intimidation BustyAmazons TallWomen NaturalBreasts BigBreasts CarrieMoon LapSitting AmazonTaylor ab060"
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Lois! Not So High! I`m Getting A Bit Queezy!
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0063"
"Sienna and Taylor take the baby boy flying. They talk to him in `baby talk` to calm his fears."
" Taylor Sienna Powerful StrongWomen MistressTaylor AmazonTaylor OliviaSaint Olivia MistressSienna BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen SmallGuyHumiliation LiftingHumiliation LegLifting/Pressing NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Humiliation Lifting TallWomen ab063"
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A Date with AMAZON MOM Pt 2:A Cock Control for Generations
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0065"
"Tit smothering and cockslapping and a tease and denial handjob dominate the second part of this smoking hot clip."
" Amazon MistressTaylor Powerful SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Taylor MayaHills Maya Humiliation Spitting DisplayOfStrength NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Intimidation FitWomen TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen AmazonMom AmazonTaylor Handjob ab065"

Abandoned by a Giant
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0067"
"Kat had left her tiny slave in the room naked. She decided to reward him with a handjob. She allows him to cum but at the last minute decides to abandon his orgasm. She grabs his cock again and strokes it torturing him with post orgasm cock torture."
" Katrina KatrinaStarr Amazon Handjob SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation SizeHumiliation TallWomen ab067"

Amazon Ruin
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0068"
"Amazon Taylor in a wickedly dominant and sexy teasing handjob where she reduces the little man physically and verbally and morally as she ends this cockslapping and smothering and fast jacking handjob with a horrifying ruined orgasm of Amazon Proportions."
" Hardcore Handjob MistressTaylor Powerful Amazon AmazonTaylor Taylor SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation SizeComparison Humiliation Smothering NaturalBreasts BigBreasts BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen ab068"

Burglar Lifted and Carried Right To Jail
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0069"
"Heidi surprises a burglar trying to break in her house so she lifts him in the air so he can`t escape and then calmly calls the police. While lifting the helpless man she verbally humiliates him."
" Amazon Carrying DisplayofStrength FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen StrongWomen SmallGuyHumiliation HeidiMayne LiftingHumiliation Intimidation ForcedCarry Lifting LiftandCarry BearHug Humiliation Wrestling Heidi ab069"
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AMAZON HEIDI & the Oompa Loompa
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0078"
"Heidi has a date with a guy who claimed to be 6 foot and shows up much smaller than that. She ridicules him for his small size and humiliates him for being so small that he would even consider going on a date with her then sends him on his way."
" Amazon Heidi HeidiMayne Humiliation Intimidation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen ab078"

Heidi 2 Clip Lift and Carry Special
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0079"
"A zip containing both `You Want to Act Like a Child Then I will Treat You Like a Child` and `Mommy Kitchen Carry` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
" Heidi HeidiMayne Amazon LiftandCarry Lifting Carrying FrontPiggyBack PiggyBack CradleCarry DisplayOfStrength Humiliation LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Utilitarian ForcedCarry Cradled PowerfulWomen FitWomen ab079"

Momma`s Needle Pussy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0080"
"Rick needs a shot and is acting like a baby so Heidi has him sit on her lap and bounces him then gives him his shot."
" Cradled DisplayofStrength Heidi HeidiMayne LapSitting Humiliation Powerful PowerfulWomen SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen TallWomen FitWomen ab080"

Bella`s Amazon BITCH HJ
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0081"
"Bella just turned 18 and towers over the scrawny little man. She REALLY lets him know how small he really is. Pure HUMILIATION lap sitting hand job. Bella is excellent."
" Amazon Handjob Cfnm Cradled Humiliation Intimidation Bella LapSitting SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen ab081"

Caroline Pierce`s Lift and Carry Handjob
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0083"
"Caroline humiliates Rick for being a small weak man. She decides to be nice and take care of him and sits him on her lap to give him a teasing handjob. She gets up several times throughout the handjob and lifts him until he cums in her hands."
" CarolinePierce Caroline FrontPiggyBack FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Carrying Handjob Cradled Lapsitting CradleCarry Piggyback SizeHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation Amazon ab083"

Lapsitting Size Humiliation Handjob
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0084"
"Honey arrives home from college and finds the little man jacking off in his room. Late for a party she decides to throw him on her lap and jack him off. She teases him for his size and carries him around a little."
" FrontPiggyBack FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Carrying Handjob Cradled Lapsitting Piggyback SizeHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation Amazon Honey HoneyWhite ab084"

Heidi Size Comparison and Lapsitting 2 Clip Special
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0095"
"A zip file containing both `Too Small To Date` and `Do you Always Climb on Strange Womens Laps?` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
" Amazon Heidi HeidiMayne Humiliation Lapsitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled Intimidation SizeHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength ab095"

Moxxie and Heidi 3 Clip Lift and Carry Special
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0097"
"A zip file containing 2 Moxxie clips and 1 Heidi clip. `Amazing Shoulder Lift Switch` `Cradle Carry Love Affair` and `I Will Choke You Unconscious With These Muscular Legs`. AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
" Wrestling Moxxie Humiliation MoxxieMaddron Heidi HeidiMayne Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ShoulderRiding DisplayOfStrength SmallGuyHumiliation LiftingHumiliation StrongWomen FitWomen CradleCarry Cradled ab097"

The Party
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0118"
"Two Amazon stepsisters and their older yet smaller stepbrother
" Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong Ryen RyenRyder PiggyBack Firemens Handjob DisplayofStrength BearHug StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LapSitting Humiliation SizeComparison CradleCarry Cradled SmallGuyHumiliation ab118"

Blind Date with a Little Loser
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0129"
"Amanda is set up on a date with a man who is supposed to be `tall
" Amazon BBW Smothering AmazonAmanda SizeComparison Humiliation TallWomen Intimidation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation ab129"

Amazon Destruction of Man
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0133"
" Amazon Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation AmazonAmanda PowerfulWomen BBW Smothering Trampling Trample Spitting TallWomen FaceSitting StrongWomen ab133"

Double Amazon Feature
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0137"
"Rent is late and Amanda is not happy. She jacks her tenant up then dumps him upside down to collect every cent in his pocket. In second video employee wants his check and just can`t seem to reach it. A zip file containing both clips AT ONE LOW PRICE!"
" PowerfulWomen Smothering PiggyBack Wrestling SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation TallWomen BBW Amazon AmazonAmanda Humiliation Intimidation DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying StrongWomen LiftandCarry ab137"

Amazon Heavy Destruction of Idiotic Smoking Loser
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0138"
"6 foot 3 TALL Strong Amazon Amanda destroys this tiny idiotic slave. She stomps on him
" Amazon Smothering PowerfulWomen AmazonAmanda BBW TallWomen StrongWomen Humiliation Intimidation SmallGuyHumiliation Beatdown SizeHumiliation Trampling ab138"

I Like Pickin Up Them Navy Boys
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0144"
"Sonny shows up and finds his date is a beautiful blonde but really intoxicated amazon who insists on doing some things she wants which includes harassing him for his height
" PiggyBack Lifting Cfnm Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob Humiliation ForcedCarry LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Amazon StrongWomen Firemans ab144"

The Angry Maid
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0160"
"Helena has a housekeeping job for a tiny doctor who is extremely rude to her. One day she is fed up with his bitching. She makes fun of his tiny size then carries him around making him clean his own house then sits him on her lap."
" Utilitarian Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amazon Helena HelenaStrong PiggyBack LapSitting BearHug Humiliation Intimidation LiftingHumiliation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab160"

Little Computer Dating Disaster
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0164"
"Crystal and Helena are sick of meeting and dating small men so they join internet dating sites actively looking for tall men. When Crystal`s date arrived it is obvious he had lied about his height. Size comparison
" Firemans Lifting CradleCarry Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Humiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen Women ab164"

A Little Man`s Ebony Amazon Fantasy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0168"
"Sonny steps it up and goes to see two escorts this time. Two beautiful girls end up using as their play toy throwing him in lift from girl to girl
" LegScissors Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Sydney Aryana AryanaStarr SydneyCapri Interracial PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Cradled CradleCarry Humiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation DisplayofStrength Handjob LapSitting ab168"

Little Worker Disrespected
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0170"
"All little man size comparison and humiliation."
" Helena Amazon HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Humiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen Women ab170"

A Little Man and His Paycheck
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0171"
"Amazon Amanda is fed up with her tiny employee wasting time and costing her money so when he comes to get his paycheck she humiliates him making fun of his tiny size and makes him really work for his paycheck which he is not big enough to get."
" Amazon AmazonAmanda Humiliation Intimidation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen ab171"

Pizza Boy Size Comparison
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0178"
"Size comparison and humiliation."
" Helena Amazon HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Humiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen Women ab178"

My Clit is Bigger Than Your Dick
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0185"
"Helena and Crystal are extremely tall and have trouble finding tall me so they try a dating service. Helena`s date shows up and is much shorter. All size comparison/size humiliation"
" Helena Amazon Intimidation HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Humiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen Women ab185"

Tiny Man`s New Job
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0197"
"A little man goes to an amazon for a job interview and is humiliated
" Spanking Lifting Carrying LIftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen SizeHumiliation PowerfulWomen Amazon Helena HelenaStrong PiggyBack Humiliation Intimidation LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison ForcedCarry Bearhug ab197"

Amazon Helena and the Little Man
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0199"
"A little man who works in the motor pool goes into the main office and water the secretaries plants. She catches him in the act of picking some leaves off the plant and explodes. She tortures him and completely humiliates him."
" Humiliation Amazon Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong ForcedCarry Firemans LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison Intimidation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation ab199"

The Muscular Goddess
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0200"
"Brandi Mae is a beautiful muscular goddess. In this clip she is working out a little and her strength is questioned by a weak little man. A variety of great lifts
" Amazon Lifting Carrying StrongWomen Humiliation Firemans LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation CradleCarry LegLifting/Pressing StrengthComparison Brandi BrandiMae FitWomen PowerfulWomen PiggyBack ArmWrestling ab200"

Brandi Mae`s Blind Date Disaster
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0202"
"Brandi took a chance on a dating site. First half slapping and leg scissors and the second half fireman and cradle carry."
" Slapping Amazon Firemans LiftandCarry CradleCarry Lifting Carrying Brandi BrandiMae LegScissors Humiliation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab202"

Bratty Amazon Student Lift and Carry Torture
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0209"
"This amazon is a serious brat who tortures her tiny teacher. Lift and carry
" Humiliation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen BBW Lifting TallWomen Intimidation Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack ForcedCarry LiftingHumiliation Amazon CradleCarry SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Amanda AmazonAmanda OverTheShoulder ab209"

Amazon Angry Boss
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0212"
"The boss (Amazon Amanda) is having a really bad day and taking it out on her little employee. Clothes ripping
" Amazon ForcedCarry PiggyBack AmazonAmanda ClothesDestruction Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry BearHug Humiliation LegScissors TallWomen Spanking CradleCarry SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation LapSitting Cradled PowerfulWomen ab212"

You`d Better Put Us on the Payroll Little Man
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0217"
"Two Big and Beautiful Amazons intimidate the little boss man into giving them a job. They crush him between their asses and laugh at his tiny size. A couple of quick lifts and one carry at the end."
" Amazon BBW Kammie Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda TallWomen Intimidation CradleCarry Humiliation StrongWomen SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation LiftingHumiliation BearHug ab217"

Robbye`s Mini Blind Date
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0223"
"Robbye is in shock when her blind date arrives wearing a tacky t-shirt
" LapSitting Handjob SizeComparison SizeHumiliation LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled OverTheShoulder Robbye RobbyeBentley Humiliation StrongWomen TallWomen ab223"

School Girl Lift and Carry Forced Orgasm
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0228"
"Cheyenne plays a great muscle schoolgirl
" LegScissors Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry OverTheShoulder Handjob Cheyenne CheyenneJewel Cfnm Humiliation LiftingHumiliation Firemans PiggyBack StrongWomen PowerfulWomen SmallGuyHumiliation ab228"

Lifting the Slacker
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0242"
"Brandi is tired of her gardener slacking off and not doing his job. She brings him in and shows him who his boss is. Lots of muscle comparison
" LegLifting/Pressing Brandi BrandiMae LegScissors Handjob PiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation Firemans LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled Amazon FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength ab242"

Amazon Boss
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0252"
"A man is stealing tips and learns a lesson."
" StrapOn Spanking LapSitting Handjob SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation CradleCarry Firemans Cfnm Amazon Intimidation Humiliation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack Alura AluraJenson TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength ab252"

I Like To Violate Little Men
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0257"
"Helena is getting ready to go out with her girlfriend when a little burglar enters her house. She decides to teach him a lesson. Size comparison
" Helena HelenaStrong LapSitting CradleCarry PiggyBack LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Amazon StrapOn Handjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack Humiliation PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength SizeComparison ab257"

Amazons and Their Tiny Chef
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0260"
"Size Humiliation and Lifting."
" Firemans CradleCarry PiggyBack SizeComparison SizeHumiliation LiftingHumiliation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen StrongWomen Helena HelenaStrong Hypatia Amazon ab260"

Amazon Alura and The Snake Oil Salesman
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0261"
"A snake oil salesman shows up at Alura`s home. She tries the oil and gets super strength. Lots of great different lifts
" Alura AluraJenson TallWomen ShoulderRiding OverTheShoulder Cfnm LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled Amazon FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeComparison Cradled CradleCarry Firemans Handjob ab261"

Amazon Schoolgirl and Professor Cum Eating Punishment
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0265"
"Redhead amazon schoolgirl is not happy with her grade so she goes to her professors home he lives with his mother
" Cfnm Amazon TallWomen LapSitting Intimidation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry BearHug CradleCarry Cradled Humiliation DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen StrongWomen CumEatingInstruction Helena HelenaStrong SmallGuyHumiliation ab265"

Violent Amazon Violates a Tiny Man
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0266"
"Helena is getting ready to go out with her girlfriend when a little burglar enters her house. She decides to teach him a lesson. Size comparison
" StrapOn Cfnm Helena PowerfulWomen LegScissors SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation Intimidation HelenaStrong SizeComparison SizeHumiliation DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry LapSitting Amazon TallWomen StrongWomen ab266"

She Hulk and the Bell Boy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0279"
"The bell hop took forever to bring her bags to the room and she is furious. Kat becomes irate bursting bulging muscles through her tightening shirt. She throws him around like a rag doll
" PowerfulWomen ClothesDestruction FaceSitting StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Humiliation Cradled CradleCarry Firemans Handjob Kat WildKat Intimidation DisplayofStrength SmallGuyHumiliation ab279"

Amazon Family Date Night
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0323"
"Amazon Austin has a date and her Amazon mom intercepts it. She answers the door drags the little man in makes him strip and beats him forcing him to get his cock hard for her. Austin comes in and sees what a little bitch her date is and jumps right in"
" Cfnm Humiliation Handjob CBT Slapping Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Firemans TallWomen PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Austin AustinLynn Raquel MistressRaquel Intimidation Amazon ForcedCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeComparison ab323"

You`re Not Gettting Your Money Back Little Man
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0333"
"Zoey Holiday borrowed money from her step father but refuses to give it back to him. Instead
" Amazon LapSitting SizeComparison Humiliation DisplayOfStrength SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Handjob Firemans PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled BearHug StrongWomen FitWomen Cfnm PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Zoey ZoeyHoliday ab333"

Beautiful Amazon Delivery Man Torture
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0335"
"A small delivery man brings food to a giant beautiful amazons house and she does not feel like paying. She makes him strip then jump up and down to see if he can reach the money. She then carries him around her home and jacks him off on her shoulder"
" Lifting Cfnm Carrying LiftandCarry Humiliation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting PiggyBack ShoulderRiding Helena HelenaStrong StrongWomen Amazon PowerfulWomen Handjob ab335"

CFNM Queen of Hearts Lift and Carry HJ
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0398"
"The Queen of Hearts is furious at the gardener. His punishment is to stay naked for the rest of his life and being carried about town. She humiliates him for his small size and nudity then carries him around then strokes his cock in the air"
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