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Piggyback Stroll
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0017"
"Kayla could not reach the grapes so she scoops Dow up onto her back to get reach them. The sexual tension jolts through the thick humid summer air as they then go for a quick stroll with Dow riding on her back."
" Amazon Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying Kayla DisplayOfStrength KaylaQuinn KaylaKam BustyAmazons StrongWomen TallWomen Utilitarian FitWomen PiggyBack LiftandCarry ab017"

Taylor Hoists Her Tool
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0026"
"Mistress Taylor has a few odd jobs to do. Luckily there is a man taking up space that can finally be put to good use."
" Amazon TallWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Taylor AmazonTaylor LiftandCarry NaturalBreasts BigBreasts BustyAmazons Utilitarian ShoulderRiding Lifting Carrying MistressTaylor ab026"

Amazon Mom`s Lift & Carry Cooking
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0046"
"Amazon Mom lifts and carries Lil`Matty as she prepares dinner. This clip features front and side and piggyback lifts for almost the entire running time."
" AmazonMom Powerful Cradled Amazon TallWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons Taylor LiftandCarry NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Piggyback Utilitarian CradleCarry Lifting Carrying MistressTaylor AmazonTaylor ab046"

Teamwork Shoulder Carry
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0071"
"Heidi`s little boyfriend could not reach the fire alarm to put in a new battery so Heidi throws him on her shoulder and hoists him up to change the battery. He had the wrong battery so she carries him to the other room and back."
" Amazon SizeComparison Powerful ShoulderRiding StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength Utilitarian Heidi HeidiMayne Lifting Carrying FitWomen LiftandCarry ab071"

Taylor & Heidi 2 Clip Lift & Carry Special
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0073"
"A zip contaning BOTH `Learning to Fly` AND `Teamwork Shoulder Carry` at ONE LOW PRICE! Heidi does shoulder carrying and Taylor does some human male leg presses!"
" Taylor StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen MistressTaylor NaturalBreasts LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength Utilitarian Heidi HeidiMayne Lifting Carrying LegLifting/Pressing ab073"

Heidi 2 Clip Lift and Carry Special
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0079"
"A zip containing both `You Want to Act Like a Child Then I will Treat You Like a Child` and `Mommy Kitchen Carry` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
" Heidi HeidiMayne Amazon LiftandCarry Lifting Carrying FrontPiggyBack PiggyBack CradleCarry DisplayOfStrength Humiliation LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Utilitarian ForcedCarry Cradled PowerfulWomen FitWomen ab079"

Heidi 2 Clip Public Lift & Carry Special
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0082"
"A zip containing `School Girl Lapsit ` and `A Lift and Carry Trip to the Pump ` at ONE LOW PRICE!"
" Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen LapSitting Heidi HeidiMayne DisplayofStrength StrongWomen FitWomen Utilitarian Cradled ab082"

Baby Boy Lift and Carry (Part 1)
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0089"
"Baby boy gets carried into kitchen while mom cooks popcorn but finds out the popcorn is defective. Side and piggyback lifts."
" Lifting Carrying DisplayofStrength LiftandCarry Eris PiggyBack StrongWomen Utilitarian ThighRiding ab089"

Another Heidi 2 Clip Public Lift and Carry Special
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0091"
"A zip file containing `A Lift to the Bank` and `Piggyback Trip to The Pharmacy` BOTH at ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
" Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Heidi HeidiMayne DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Amazon PowerfulWomen Utilitarian PiggyBack ab091"

Lift and Carry Piggyback Brownie Bake
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0094"
"Eris carries her baby boy into kitchen to bake brownies piggyback."
" PiggyBack Eris StrongWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack Utilitarian ab094"

L&C Vacation
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0104"
"A zip file containing 3 clips. Parts 1-2-3 Tamara doing public Lifting and Carrying in Las Vegas."
" Carrying Tamara PiggyBack Lifting LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled DisplayOfStrength ForcedCarry FitWomen LiftingHumiliation Humiliation FrontPiggyBack Utilitarian StrongWomen ab104"

I Probably Should have Hired a Bigger Maid
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0149"
"Full blown lift and carry
" Lifting TallWomen Carrying StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Amazon Sammie SammieSpades Helena HelenaStrong PiggyBack ShoulderRiding SizeComparison Utilitarian ab149"

Amazon Piggyback Party Preparation
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0158"
"Rollo can`t reach the ceiling to hang stuff to prepare for a party so 6-3 Amazon Amanda gives him a lift to complete the entire job."
" Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda BBW Utilitarian PiggyBack Amazon ab158"

The Angry Maid
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0160"
"Helena has a housekeeping job for a tiny doctor who is extremely rude to her. One day she is fed up with his bitching. She makes fun of his tiny size then carries him around making him clean his own house then sits him on her lap."
" Utilitarian Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amazon Helena HelenaStrong PiggyBack LapSitting BearHug Humiliation Intimidation LiftingHumiliation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab160"