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A Tour of Her Perfect Muscular Body
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0244"
"Kat has the perfect muscular body. Up close shots of each inch of her perfect muscles while she talks about how big she is getting."
" Amazon FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen WildKat ab244"

The Muscular Cougar and The College Student Salesman
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0249"
"Kat is heading out the door to a meeting when a boy from the local college comes by to try to sell her some fitness supplements. After telling her she could stand to lose some weight and build muscle she proves him VERY wrong."
" CradleCarry LegScissors Intimidation Cradled LapSitting Firemans FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob LegLifting/Pressing Oral-Blowjob WildKat ab249"

She Hulk and the Bell Boy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0279"
"The bell hop took forever to bring her bags to the room and she is furious. Kat becomes irate bursting bulging muscles through her tightening shirt. She throws him around like a rag doll
" PowerfulWomen ClothesDestruction FaceSitting StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Humiliation Cradled CradleCarry Firemans Handjob Kat WildKat Intimidation DisplayofStrength SmallGuyHumiliation ab279"

Muscular Maid Lifts and Violates a Rude Guest
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0307"
"Hot muscular maid Kat is tired of being harassed by customers. When a male visitor makes a wrong move
" StrapOn ForcedCarry Intimidation DisplayofStrength MuscularWomen StrongWomen ClothesDestruction FitWomen PowerfulWomen Handjob Humiliation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled FrontPiggyBack Kat WildKat ab307"

She Hulk Captures and Controls the Tourist
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0321"
"Kat is progressively getting angrier until her clothes tighten
" Cradled CradleCarry TransformationFantasy Handjob OvertheShoulder SheHulk Kat WildKat FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen MuscleWorship ClothesDestruction DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LapSitting LiftandCarry ab321"

Bad Bellboy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0342"
"Kat just had a LONG flight to Vegas and encounters a rude bellboy. After entering her room she can barely contain her anger. She turns into a beautiful hulking muscular woman busting through her clothes
" SheHulk Transformation TransformationFantasy Growth ClothesDestruction MuscularWomen FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength WildKat Kat ab342"

Muscle Goddesses Lift and Carry Workout Toy
Catalog Number"vdo-89-0383"
"Kat and Ashlee were waiting for their date for the night when Rick showed up at the wrong door. Lots of GREAT LIFTS and great shots of their AMAZING MUSCLES. After using him they jack him off finishing him off in the air."
" Cfnm Intimidation DoubleLift BearHug Cradled CradleCarry DisplayofStrength Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Fitwomen StrongWomen LapSitting Firemans Handjob Ashlee AshleeChambers Kat WildKat MuscularWomen ab383"